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Building a Community of Builders

What is the 813 Collective?

The Well is launching a collective, to raise up and support Tampa leaders building innovative, and sustainable solutions that are working towards a healthy and prosperous city. We aim to see mission-driven initiatives, whether they are private, public, or in partnership, from our communities develop into thriving ventures with measurable impact. The 813 Collective participants will receive wrap-around services, mentorship, and access to both a local and national network. With an intentional emphasis on social good, The 813 Collective will create an ecosystem that is eective, ecient, and sustainable in addressing social issues.

Each program will focus on three guiding components:


The 813 Collective is dedicated to coming alongside and serving the builders who are actively engaged in their community. By providing education, resources, relationships, and community we are focused on giving individuals the support they need to achieve their goals. From dedicated time with mentors to fun events and informal outings a tribe of like minded, cross sector professionals who are invested in making a WellBuilt City will emerge.


We love our city and the people in it. Therefore together we will participate in various movements, programs and services that serve the city of Tampa and the communities throughout. The Collective will foster and facilitate a deep understanding of our city through the lens of history, culture, and service. The context in which we work must be understood in order for our work to have a lasting and meaningful impact.


Tampa is our city and by working together we can make it a better place for everyone. The diverse group of individuals and organizations in the collective, will help guide plans and strategies to maximize the impact in our communities. From venture specic training and resources to networking and relationship building, we will act as stewards serving each individual as they dene their vision and pursue their calling.

What We Do

  • Operate events that gather and connect our cohort of "builders" in Tampa.

  • Provide resources and training for each member of the cohort that is directly applicable to their work.

  • Support each member and their team as they develop, refine and implement their projects and initiatives.

  • Connect each member with a one on one coaching with local leaders.

  • Foster a deeper understanding and love for the city of Tampa and the people who live there.

  • Create a community of like-minded individuals  who are passionate about serving their communities.

Meet The Stewards

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Steward noun.

Stew-ard | /ˈst(y)o͞oərd/  

a person whose responsibility it is to take care of something.

                  "The Well prides themselves on being stewards of the ecosystem."

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