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813 Jolly Rogers


The 813  Jolly Rogers are the first drop (100 collectables) in a series of 9 drops that will total a  supply of 813 collectables in all. Grab yours today, support the ecosystem and join the #WellBuiltCity movement!

What are they for?

Each Jolly Roger is unique and not only lets you show your support while looking pretty cool but it gives you special access to some of the things that they 813 Collective is doing such as:

  • Admission to a private showing of "When the Righteous Triumph" written by Mark E. Leib

  • Admission to both 813 Fests in 2023

  • Web3 introductory classes to learn more about the technology while building community!

813 Jolly Rogers Post #2.jpg


Mint cost is .0813 ETH

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