Below are a few of our most requested services. 

The Kinship

Free Market

A Mobile Free Market distribution groceries in neighborhoods experiencing food insecurity. We currently host 10 pop up markets every month. 

Work Force Housing

Our house is a home to 4 formerly homeless men who have worked alongside The Well community to invest in their own communities. 

Sliding Scale Bike Repairs

While WellBuilt Bikes repairs are priced to be affordable for most, we recognize that some have very little financial capacity. We offer our services on a sliding scale so that all can keep their bikes on the road.  

Earn-A-Bike Program

For those with little to no money we offer an opportunity to Earn their bike through a small investment of community service hours. Each earner  receives a bike, lights, a lock, a helmet, a water bottle, a safety training, as well as a co-op membership so they can maintain their transportation. 

The Conscious Party

It's an open source party! We set up a mic and a table where everyone is welcome to come and share their food as well as their songs, stories, poems, and pain. Many in our city feel voiceless and The Conscious Party offers a stage and a spotlight to find and exercise your voice.  The real work of art is the mosaic of all of our diverse voices and perspectives being shared together in this gathering. The night helps wake us up to one anothers pain and beauty. It calls all of us to #GetConscious!

Community Dinners

For over a decade we have been sharing dinner together on Tuesday Evenings at the Good Samaritan Inn. We have partnered with Metropolitan Ministries in order to be able to bring for up to 70 folks each week. This meal, while delicious, is really just another excuse to be together, learn from one another, and build meaningful relationships.   

The Mission is Strategic

Meet Needs

The most basic and concrete way to love our neighbors is to look out for them and make sure they have what it is they need. If your neighbor is thirsty, give them something to drink. 

Build Bridges

We meet needs in ways that give us opportunities to build relationships within which we are able to meet one another's deeper social, psychological, and spiritual needs as well. 

A City Made Whole

We cling to this vision and aim for our city! Tampa can be a truly WellBuilt City and that vision is worth investing all that we have and all that we are to fully realize.